The Mets’ brand-spankin’ new slogan for 2010 is (drumroll please) “We believe in comebacks”  (here is the commercial over at YouTube).  The best phrase I can think of to describe this is “epic fail.”  No, I am not a teenager and I normally avoid adopting their manner of speaking like the proverbial plague, but the phrase is particularly appropriate given the situation.  What are they thinking?  If you ran a team that blew one of the biggest leads in history and then blew a similar lead the next year, would you really want to remind your fans about comebacks?  As in the comebacks they allowed the other teams?  It’s sickening.

I’m pretty happy about the Jason Bay signing, but we still need pitching.  I am a big fan of John Maine, but he’s been injured way too often over the years, so what makes them think he won’t get hurt again?  Oliver Perez is, as has been said, like the little girl with a curl: when he’s good, he’s very, very good, but when he’s bad he’s horrid.  So what makes the Mets think they won’t get fooled again (intentional reference to The Who, who will not be serenading Jets fans on Sunday *sigh*)?

But the saddest news of all is that Jane Jarvis died last week and Mets fans of a certain age feel an emptiness in their hearts.  Jane Jarvis was a big part of our childhood.  She played for the Milwaukee Braves before taking her act to Shea, and Mets fans are lucky to have had her.   I’m not in the habit of passing along articles from the New York Times, but the obituary they published is worth reading.

It’s not been a good couple of years for the Mets and their fans.   Maybe Jane Jarvis will be looking down on them and helping them along in 2010.  We can only hope.

Updated, 2/4/10:

This is from Marty Noble,’s Mets beat writer:

Invariably, Jane would respond to the question “How are you?” with “Too wonderful for words.” So this salute to her is inadequate. She too was too wonderful for mere words. I’d like to hear her play again.

Thank you, Marty.   And thank you too, Jane.  You are missed.