Everyone who knows me knows that I watch a lot of period movies/series.  Favorites include The Pallisers (BBC, 1974), Persuasion (BBC,1995), Pride and Prejudice (BBC, 1980), Duchess of Duke Street (BBC, 1976), Upstairs, Downstairs (BBC, 1971), and too many others to list here.   I love the stories, having read many of the books these films are based on, but I also love the costumes.  I wouldn’t want to wear corsets or any of the other dreadfully uncomfortable accoutrements that ladies wore back then, but I still love the costumes.   Thanks to FloggingMolly of C19, I was recently introduced to a most amazing website that shows costumes that have been “recycled” over the years.  Recycled Movie Costumes is a truly impressive site; it offers dozens of photos of “recycled” costumes from the Medieval period all the way to Science Fiction.  The site’s owner has obviously put in many, many hours watching period films and making the screen caps and the result is incredible.  For example, the brown dress with lace trim that Charity Wakefield wears on the cover of the S&S08 DVD is thet same as the one worn by Keira Knightley when Elizabeth Bennet visits Pemberley in P&P05 (pictures of both actresses in the dress are here).  Another example is here, where Romola Garai wears a costume in Daniel Deronda that Georgia King wears in The Shadow in the North.   There are aren’t as many men’s costumes at the site, but some are included.  Most of the gentlemen’s items appear to be waistcoats, such as this one worn by MP 07’s Henry Crawford and Emma 09’s Mr. Knightley.

This labor of love is well worth a visit for fans of period films.