A couple of weeks ago, I was in Downtown Sarasota running errands after work and it was a particularly chilly day (we had a stretch of 2+ weeks where the temp never went above the mid 40s) and I saw a woman with a beautiful full-length mink…and flip-flops.  I thought I’d seen it all.

Not quite.  Not even close.

Today was the 3rd annual Bradenton Beer Festival.  For $25 (a chunk of which goes to support the Gamble Mansion, the only surviving plantation house in South Florida) and proof that you are over 21 you get an adorable little glass and can check out any of the 100 or so beers that have been brought in for the occasion.  We ate melt-in-your-mouth rib tips and baked beans from the incomparable T&L BBQ, followed by home-made baklava from the ladies at St. Mark’s Church and listened to a couple of terrific local bluegrass bands while wandering up and down Old Main Street, trying to determine which beers we liked best.  We tried orange beer, raspberry beer, raspberry wheat beer, pomegranate beer etc.  Some were good.  Others were horrible.  A few were outstanding.

And then we saw it.

That’s right.  An orange Volkswagen Beetle, with a Mohawk made to look like wheat shocks.  I don’t know much about cars, but I do know that a Volkswagen’s engine is located in the rear.  Well, in this particular Volkswagen, there was a tap in the rear and two very loud young women who were dressed in what we think was supposed to be a traditional German costume were pouring beer from that tap.   The beer is called Shock Top and it’s a Belgian white beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch.  The beer was actually quite tasty and the fact that it came from the back of a car just added to the novelty.  Yes, we did go back for more.

I took the above picture with my phone and it didn’t come out very well (click on the picture to enlarge it).  Here is the beer’s actual logo:

Yes, that’s an orange slice with sunglasses and a Mohawk made of wheat shocks.  I think this tops the woman wearing a mink and flip flops.  Don’t you?