Of course, this number is based on the assumption that I got it right here.

The downtown Sarasota Whole Foods is located just about exactly one-half mile from the office, meaning that I can usually get there, pick up something from the buffet and get back to work within my alloted half hour lunch break.

Not today.

I walked up to Whole Foods, listening to Pandora’s Beatles Radio on my Droid, got lunch at the buffet and headed to the checkout line.  I got into the “express” line and was maybe #7.  The woman who was #1 couldn’t seem to figure out the credit card machine and kept dropping her card.  I scooted over to a regular line that had considerably fewer people and was right behind a very Distinguished-Looking Man (whose tasteful hoop earring did not detract one bit from his distinguished-looking-ness).  At the head of this line, as it turns out, was a woman who apparently had been drinking since before breakfast (yesterday) and was having a lot of trouble paying the cashier.  She’d already spilled her plate of food (hey, lady, that’s why they have those convenient little Chinese food cartons!) and was still apologizing while trying to figure out the money.  Finally, Distinguished-Looking Man leaned over the conveyor, sighed deeply, and said in a rather loud voice, “I’ll pay for it!!!”   I could not help but laugh, and then said I thought that people here in Florida were supposed to be laid back — he looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said “Hey, even Paradise has its share of lunatics.”

Yes sir, it most certainly does.


On a happier note, I had $5 in Borders Bucks and a 25% coupon so I headed over to my local Borders, as is my wont on Fridays.  I picked up a copy of Nanny Returns by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.  I’d read the duo’s earlier book, The Nanny Diaries, which made me laugh so hard I cried.  Yes, I know it’s a novel, but I have known so many people over the years who could have been members of the X family that I really could be forgiven for thinking it’s non-fiction.

Borders also had a $5.99-and-under table and I took advantage of some bargains.  I bought several books at $3.99 each, including Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: A Political Marriage, by Nicholas Wapshott and Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA by Brenda Maddox.  And the TBR pile continues to grow…