Part II: Pride and Prejudice

My “first impressions” (pun very much intended) of this reading:

For some reason, it’s not Elizabeth who has been capturing my attention, nor is it Darcy.  Instead, it’s Miss Bingley.   I know that, once I finish reading about the Netherfield Ball (which will be soon), I won’t be seeing anything of Miss Bingley until Elizabeth and the Gardiners arrive at Pemberley, but in the meantime, I’m finding Austen’s description of a woman being eaten away by jealousy to be highly entertaining.


I read chapter 19 during lunch today (Mr. Collins’ proposal), and came upon this:

Nay, were your friend Lady Catherine to know me, I am persuaded she would find me in every respect ill qualified for the situation.”

It’s just so odd that I don’t remember ever seeing that passage before.  It’s shaming me into remembering that I’ve probably seen the adaptations more than I’ve read the book so I forget things that the adaptations omit but that actually are in the book.