’s headline describes the day quite nicely: Mutt Derby is doggone fun for good cause.

I never thought I’d say that I’d been to a dog track, much less that I had a great time at a dog track, but now I can say both.  The 2nd annual Mutt Derby was held yesterday at the Sarasota Kennel Club.  It’s a great idea and is a fund-raiser for Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption and the All Faiths Food Bank.  Dog owners pay $20 to register for the race, and everyone else brings food for the food bank.  A fine time was had by all.

My friend KC has a great dog named Trixie.  Trixie was entered in last year’s inaugural Mutt Derby, but she didn’t finish the race.  This year, however, we had a strategy.  “Team Trixie” showed up in force, wearing t-shirts made by Trixie’s (and our) good friend “C,” otherwise known as “The Cookie Lady.” Everyone we met loved our shirts, which featured Trixie’s picture and the legend “Team Trixie” in pink for the girls and maroon for the boy (for which he was very grateful).  We had our pictures taken by several people, but since none of them work for the local media, all you have is my word for it.  Here is a picture of the official Team Trixie uniform (click on it to make it bigger):

Trixie came in 2nd in her heat and so qualified for the finals of her weight class (17-35 pounds).  Unfortunately, she did not finish high enough in the finals to qualify for a prize, but we were all immensely proud of her anyway. She showed true class — she won with grace and lost with dignity.  None of us expected anything less.  The Team’s official videographer shot footage but this reporter has no clue how to get it into this post.  I apologize to one and all.  But if you do decide that you want to see the clip, drop me a line at currentscene AT and I’ll forward it to you.

Anyone who’s in the Sarasota/Bradenton area next April should come and check out the Derby.  It’s a good time for a good cause.