The Mets came home from their 2-4 road trip to beat the Marlins, 4-3 (box is here). Why can they look so good at home yet look so bad on the road? A team that wants to make the playoffs really needs to play at least .500 ball on the road, and the Mets are nowhere close. At 20-9, they’re the first team in MLB to win 20 home games, but their road record is almost a mirror image of this: a putrid 8-18.

Frenchy’s got his average back up over .250 (he’s now at .258), Bay’s hovering around.300, and even Reyes is hitting better (his BA is exactly.250 as of last night). But Wright is still only at .264 after going 0-2 with 2 walks last night, and he’s still hitting .218 against righties. Luckily, his dismal performance at the plate hasn’t affected his fielding. That play he made to end the game last night was impressive. But I repeat what I said before, he seriously needs to consider a visit to a sports psychologist to help him with this.

The Mets hope to squish the Fish on national TV today: 4:10 Eastern start on Fox. I likely won’t be able to watch the end of the game because a bunch of us are heading out to see Larry Crane down by the beach for a 7 o’clock show. Thank goodness for XM.