I’m not trying to copy the “Seen on the Subway” feature over at BookishNYC’s wonderful blog, but I couldn’t resist posting these items. Obviously, I don’t take the subway anymore, and people here don’t carry books with them to read while in line or whatever (I do, but that’s just me), but people do drive, and some people have rather interesting “decorations” on their car. Don’t forget to click on the pictures to make them bigger.

I saw this on Main Street in downtown Sarasota not too long ago:

Do you think Lady Catherine would approve?  It’s a Chrysler and, I would think, rather suitable for a modest parish priest and his family. 😉

And then I saw this in the parking lot at a Bradenton Marauders game last week:

And that, of course, reminded me of this: Time for Some Campaignin’.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me laugh any more.  *sigh*