Today is the 70th anniversary of his birth, and it still upsets me that he was taken from his family and us way too early.   He never got to see his younger son grow up.  He never got to be middle-aged.  He never got to write all the music he had in his soul.  But the music he did give us, both with the Beatles and on his own, will live on.

I was a child in the 1960s, but I do have some hazy memories of watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in February of 1964. I was hooked.

As I’ve posted before, my mother bought me their records and took me to see their movies. The Beatles were a huge part of my childhood and I was devastated when they broke up.  I’ll admit that John was not my favorite Beatle (after all these years, I’m still torn between George and Paul), but I’ve always felt that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, meaning that the Beatles would not have existed without him.  Yes, Paul is the most successful ex-Beatle, but his post-Beatles music doesn’t move me the same way.  The Beatles were special, and John is the main reason why.

John may be gone, but his memory lives on.  Happy birthday John.  We still miss you.