A week or so ago, I thought I had a job.  But, at the very last minute, they backed off with what can only be described as a very cryptic excuse.  I left a voicemail and sent an e-mail asking them to elaborate, and was told that I’d hear back “tomorrow”.  “Tomorrow” was last Thursday.  I didn’t hear from them on Thursday and I didn’t hear from them on Friday.   I’ve decided to volunteer at one of the local non-profit legal aid groups, so the community will get free help and I’ll get experience and, hopefully, references for future employment.   I’m also sending in an application at one of the local department stores to see if I can be Christmas help.  Keep your fingers crossed!

This whole thing has got me to thinking about how common courtesy is no longer common.  Job-seekers are expected to dress well, to write thank-you notes, to follow-up after an interview, etc.  But the potential employers certainly don’t have to be polite or thoughtful. I’ve sent out dozens and dozens of resumes and cover letters in the 2+ months I’ve been job-hunting (not including the countless letters and resumes I sent out when I was out of work for the first 10 months I lived here), and the overwhelming majority were completely ignored. No form e-mails thanking me for applying, no “thanks, but no thanks” after an interview.  Nothing.  No feedback whatsoever.  And people wonder why job-seekers feel so hopeless.