Last night, “KC” and I decided to drive around our general vicinity and check out the Christmas lights.  Some of them were pretty normal, but others were just crazy.  Given that there’s no snow around here, it’s a little weird that people put up those lights that look like icicles, but it’s even weirder that they put up snow men, reindeer, penguins, polar bears and igloos.  I tell you this, nothing says Christmas like penguins, polar bears and igloos.  

One yard was particularly amazing.  They did the whole thing up to honor A Charlie Brown Christmas.  We saw Snoopy on his dog house (complete with a wreath), Lucy’s psychiatric help booth, the text of the section of the Gospel According to Luke that Linus recites at the end, and they even had the movie itself  running on a screen set up on their front porch.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  I wish I could have taken some pictures, but I honestly don’t think the Droid’s camera could have done justice to it all.

I wish all of you a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.