Yet again, the Jets kicked us in the teeth.  They looked like world-beaters against the Patriots last week, and this week they looked like the 98-pound weakling of the old Charles Atlas ads in my comic books.  They didn’t even bother to show up in the first half, and they couldn’t make up for it in the second half.

I am disgusted.  I know it sounds prissy, but signing character guys is not necessarily a bad thing.  Why?  Because a lot of the guys who were brought in because their old teams didn’t want to deal with the baggage are the ones drawing all the penalties.  They are not disciplined in their personal lives, and they have shown us that they are not disciplined at work either.  There are reasons that their old teams couldn’t wait to get rid of them.

Before kick-off, I really thought Gang Green had a solid chance to win this game.  But you can’t play that badly in the first half and expect to win the game.