I am not an early adopter.  Part of it is due to financial constraints (after all, how many of us had the requisite $400 or so to buy a Kindle when they first came out?), and part is due to my being rather skeptical by nature and I’d rather let other people try things out before I lay down my hard-earned money for them.  I come from a long line of such thrifty skeptics — my parents didn’t get their first color television until 1981; I didn’t get my first VCR until 1987; I didn’t convert to CDs until the early 1990s.  I didn’t get an iPod until the 2nd generation Nano came along.  You get the idea.

My latest “late to the party” purchase was a Miche bag.  I pride myself on being a very low-maintenance kind of girl, and I HATE changing purses.  I have a simple leather Coach shoulder bag (it’s not as sturdy as the Coach bag I got bored with before it wore out back in the 80s/90s) that I use a lot, but I realized I occasionally needed something with more room and also something nicer looking for the occasions when I dress up. Enter the Miche bag.  They’ve been around for a couple of years now, but I never got around to buying one until a few weeks ago. I got the ‘basic bag’ and now have 4 shells.  One is very casual (black denim with fake ostrich trim), and the other three are dressier.  My latest shell goes perfectly with one of my favorite outfits, so I’m content with my decision to break down and buy a Miche.  I’ve noticed that there is at least one ebay vendor who sells handmade shells, and I can see myself patronizing her store to add to my collection.

As an aside, I learned yesterday that my local Borders is one of the stores on the chopping block (in fact, pretty much every Borders on the West coast of Florida is closing).  I am very upset by this.  When I worked in downtown Sarasota, I was there almost every Friday. Once I lost my job, I had to stop going and, now that I’m working in downtown Bradenton, it became a hassle to get there for a trip that might end up with no books.  But I did visit this morning to say good-bye.  I picked up one of every single cross stitch magazine on the shelves for 40% off, and also found both of Laura Lee Gurhke’s new books for 20% off.   RIP Borders.  I will miss you. 😦