The Mets don’t start their season until tomorrow, but it’s still MLB’s official Opening Day.  The Marauders open next Thursday on the road, and next Friday at home.  After spending 15 of the past 20 home openers with the Mets, I’ll miss seeing them once again, but I’ll be at McKechnie Field for the Marauders 2nd ever home opener.  I can hardly wait.

I had planned to wax lyrical about how much I love baseball and how important Opening Day is to me.  But someone else did it before I did and he did it better than I ever could have.

So, instead of my ramblings, I offer you “Ahead of the Game,” by Paul Greenberg:

Anyone who says baseball is a slow game isn’t watching it with a proper appreciation of the possibilities at every moment, of what can happen with every pitch. And between them. Just as it is the silences before the words that make great dialogue.

…It is in the minor leagues where the spirit of baseball still lives, not fresh but gritty. But tonight all is washed clean as the fresh uniforms. The creases are yet unformed on the young faces, the malice of time still to come.

Baseball really is life.  And the rest really is just details.  Happy Opening Day, everyone!