April 2011

Here were the Florida State League Standings going into last night’s action:

As you can see, St Lucie is leading the entire league with a 17-3 record.

Here were the lineups for last night:

Anyway, here’s what happened last night: St Lucie scored first, with 3 runs in the top of the 3rd.  Bradenton answered with a run in the bottom of the 3rd.  The Mets scored again in the 5th to take a 4-1 lead but, in the bottom of the 6th, struggling Marauder Calvin Anderson crushed a 3-run home run to tie the score at 4.   I may be a Mets fan first, but I’m still a season-ticket-holding Marauders fan, so I’d been worried about Calvin’s struggles and was thrilled for him with those 3 RBIs. I did join in the applause as he rounded the bases.

Still, as nice as it was to see Calvin do well, it was even nicer to see the Mets win the game.  Which they did, by a score of 9-4.  The Marauders fielders looked like Keystone Kops in the 9th, and they allowed the Mets to score 5 in their half of the 9th.  I certainly hope they remember how to field when they’re in Port Charlotte this weekend to play the Stone Crabs (baby Rays).

The Mets are now 18-3, and the Marauders are in 3rd place with an 11-10 record, 1/2 game behind the Fort Myers Miracle (baby Twins).

St Lucie comes back to Bradenton next week, and I’ll be there.  So will some of the very nice Mets fans I met this week.

LGM! (and LGM! )


PS — I’ve started the first leg of the ‘thon, and am re-reading Jane Eyre.  I’m trying to take it slowly but, as I discovered when I was re-reading Austen, it’s very hard to do that with books you’ve read so many times.  During that same trip to the library, I also took out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because I need to finish the book and then watch all of the movies by the time the new one opens in July.  And, speaking of which, here is the trailer for DH part 2:

Even though there seem to be some major deviations from the book even in this 1+ minute trailer, I am still looking forward to seeing the movie.


The St Lucie Mets are now 17-3 after a humiliating loss to the Marauders last night.  Bradenton scored 10 runs in the first inning.  Under normal circumstances, I’d be thrilled, but I place a moratorium on rooting for the Marauders whenever they play St Lucie.  I’d love to go to a playoff game between them in September.  Here is an article from the Marauders’ website; St Lucie hasn’t posted an article about the game yet.  I’ll link to it when they do.

I did meet several other Mets fans and, even though the Blue-and-Orange lost, we still managed to have a good time.  We’re all going back tonight and, hopefully, next week too, because the Mets will be in town 4 times in less than 10 days.


I wish all of you a joyous and blessed Easter.

Once again, I am a little late to the party.  It’s not all my fault — Jane Eyre didn’t open here in Sarasota until early April, and other commitments kept me from going before yesterday.

I walked out thinking “meh.”  I thought of all the glowing reviews I’d read, and all I could think of was that they’d either never read the book or they’d read it and forgotten the story.  It was beautifully done (even more beautiful than the 2006 version), and the leads were outstanding, but so much was left out that I just couldn’t love it.  It did remind me how long it’s been since I’ve read the book, and I really need to re-read it before seeing the movie again.  My copy of the book is (say it with me!) in storage, so I went to the library to get one of theirs.  Unfortunately, my local branch’s copy was checked out, but I’ll try the main branch downtown during a lunch break from work this week and see if one of theirs is around (the library’s website appears to be down, so I can’t place a reserve on a copy).  I could actually read it on my Kindle, but I’ve noticed that the free versions of public domain books are often very poorly translated to electronic format, and I’d rather not have to work at ignoring all the mistakes I’m likely to find instead of paying my full attention to the story.

What did I like?  I thought the two leads were excellent.  Mia W. showed Jane’s inner strength and passion.  Michael Fassbender is so good-looking that when he asks Jane if she thinks he’s handsome and she says no, the women in the audience all laughed.  But he was very, very good as Rochester.  This was the first Adele that didn’t make me want to slap her, Sally Hawkins was almost unrecognizable as Aunt Reed (in a good way), and Judi Dench was her usual stellar self as Mrs. Fairfax.

What did I not like? We didn’t see enough of Blanche. Richard Mason was far younger than I’ve always thought (he looked to be far too young to have been involved in the Edward/Bertha marriage).  If you blink, you’d miss Grace Poole.  I didn’t even know Miss Temple was in the movie until I read the credits.  Plus, the gypsy scene is gone.  Granted, it’s almost impossible to do well, but I did like the way the 2006 miniseries handled it.  I guess that, if you have to cut the story down to fit into a 2-hour time slot, a lot of good stuff had to go. But that doesn’t mean I like it.  St. John wasn’t cold enough and it actually seemed that he was in love with Jane and, as such, jealous of Rochester. There was no Rosamund at all, making it possible for people who don’t know the whole story to believe St John may have been in love with Jane.  We do learn that Jane is an heiress, but they don’t tell us that the Rivers siblings are her cousins, so when she shares her inheritance with them, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  And having him kiss her “as a sister” when she’s not related to him really creeped me out.

As I said, I haven’t read the book in a while and I couldn’t take notes in the theater, so I can only give you a rough idea of what I liked and didn’t like about the movie.  But, it did inspire me to do a Jane Eyre-a-thon in the very near future.  I’ve already added all of the available adaptations to my Netflix queue (I am very distressed that they don’t own the George C. Scott/Susannah York version; my copy is, of course, in storage, so I can’t even watch my own copy — hopefully I’ll be able to get it through interlibrary loan), including a TV version from the 19449 starring Charlton Heston as Rochester.  I’d seen a clip of that version over at YouTube, so I am really looking forward to seeing it in its entirety.  There’s also a 1934 version that looks dreadful, but I’ll watch it just because it’s there.  I’ll likely also include the new adaptation of “Wide Sargasso Sea” simply because I’ve never seen it.  I have read WSS, and I saw the Nathaniel Parker adaptation from 1993, but I hated both of them and don’t feel compelled to visit them again.

I’ve never loved Jane Eyre as much as I love any of Austen’s “Big 6,” but it still very dear to me and I am looking forward to this re-read.   It’s the only book by a Bronte sister that I’ve managed to read in its entirety.  I’ve tried Wuthering Heights and Villette and thought they were both unreadable.  I’ve been assured that Anne Bronte’s Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey are good, but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. I’ll let you know when/if I do.

I’ve just finished re-reading an old favorite: Body & Soul by Marcelle Bernstein.  This is the story of Anna Summers, a woman who has spent the past 13 years as a nun in a cloistered order in Wales.  Unfortunate family circumstances compel her to leave the convent temporarily to help out at home (the Summers family have been yarn-spinners in Yorkshire for several generations), and the misgivings she’d been having about her vocation are brought to the forefront.  This is, admittedly, a rather dry description of a beautiful book, but it’s hard to talk about without giving too much away.   I first read the book when I was close to the same age that Anna is, and I was also looking to change my life. No, I’ve never been a nun (obedience is not my strong suit!), but I still could relate to Anna’s situation on other levels.

In 1993, a miniseries was released that was based on the book, but the series is not even close to being as good as the book.  Kristin Scott-Thomas plays Anna (for some reason, they changed the family’s surname to Gibson from Summers) and, from what I remember, she does a very good job.  But I also remember that the series isn’t nearly as nuanced as the book.  In short, I love the book, but I only like the adaptation.  Even so, I just may have to rent it so I can really compare it fairly with the book.

As an aside, tonight the Mets won only their 2nd home game of the young season (9-1 over the Astros).  You know things are bad when a Pirate-fan co-worker makes a special trip to your office to tell you that the Mets are the worst team in the NL.  *sigh*

Part IV: Emma, cont’d

Over the weekend, I watched the Bollywood film Aisha with a group of Janeites.  Aisha is a modernized version of Emma, and seems to owe a lot to Clueless.  But Clueless is better.  The clothes were gorgeous, as was much of the countryside in the scenes outside of Mumbai and Delhi. But the movie itself?  Meh. I didn’t get a chance to take notes, so all I can say is that we had a lot of trouble keeping up with what was happening, and even stopped paying attention after a while.  I’m glad I saw it, and I might rent it again and actually take notes, but I wouldn’t tell anyone who’s not an obsessive to run out and get a copy.  It’s a shame too, because I was really looking forward to seeing it.

Saturday night was 60s night at McKechnie Field  (here is their Facebook page with pictures). The Marauders lost, so the highlight of the evening was a post-game concert by my favorite local band, Yesterdayze.  I’ve seen them at Lakewood Ranch’s Music on Main, and I’ve seen them at the monthly outdoor summertime concerts at the Van Wezel and they are always good.  They play a wide variety of 60s music, from Dylan to the Beatles to the Monkees to Jimi Hendrix, and they do it all well.

One of the great things about 60s music is that everyone can enjoy it.  5-year-olds were dancing, and so were 75-year-olds.  You don’t get that with hip-hop or heavy metal.  And those of us who weren’t in front of the band dancing were swaying to the music and singing our hearts out.  Another fine time was had by all.  They are planning a 70s night some time this season, and that should be fun too.  If you’re in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, you really can’t go wrong with the Marauders or Yesterdayze.

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