The Mets were pretty awful last night.  I wasn’t able to watch the game, but I did follow along on MLB At Bat 2011 on the Droid, and was definitely not amused.  Wright used to be one of the best 2-strike hitters in the game, and now he’s whiffing at bad pitches.  Beltran can’t run like he used to.  Pelfrey still can’t beat the Marlins.  And Josh Johnson still owns the Mets.  But it’s only 1 game, and there are 161 left to go.

I’ll be home for tonight’s game against the Marlins.  For some reason, even though MLB’s website shows that we here in Sarasota/Bradenton are definitely not part of the Marlins’ viewing area, Comcast does give us a lot of Marlins games on Fox Sports Florida. So, while allows me to watch Mets/Marlins games, ESPN and MLB Network don’t always.   I can understand them doing that with the Rays because, after all, we’re only 30-something miles from the Trop, but we’re not exactly part of the Miami metro area, yet we get blacked out of their games.  It’s very strange.