I have been a Mets fan since the 1960s.  But just because I love them doesn’t mean I like them very much right now.  The team isn’t playing well, and ownership seems to be competing among themselves to see who can humiliate the organization the most.  Between the Madoff business and the bad moves they’ve made on the field, there really isn’t a whole lot to like (speaking of Madoff, Harry Markopolos, author of No One Would Listen, is back in the news today due to his efforts to assist whistle-blowers on Wall Street).

Here is the New Yorker article that all the papers and pundits are referring to.  Wilpon is taken to task for his Dodger obsession which, given the embarrassments that the Dodger organization is going through, is strangely appropriate.  He also insults some of his players, including the two “faces of the franchise”, Wright and Reyes.  I’m not sure why he’s losing it, but that’s what appears is happening.

Just sell the team already Fred.  I’m begging you.


I’m going on a much-needed vacation and will report back upon my return.  I’m bringing the Kindle with me, and I have a good idea I’ll make enough progress on Jane Eyre that I’ll be ready to discuss it when I get back.