When I was a kid and I did something particularly boneheaded, my father would ask if I were stupid or malevolent. I never knew what to say. What person with an ounce of intelligence wants to look stupid?  What person with a conscience wants to be thought malevolent?  It’s a real dilemma. But it does lead me to this — this week’s SI has a piece on Fred Wilpon by Tom Verducci.  Verducci  isn’t normally very sympathetic towards the Mets, but this piece actually is.  Fred comes out looking like a dupe rather than a crook.    Given that there’s really no good answer to my father’s question, I would have to say that dupe is better than crook.

They’ve also found someone to buy that minority stake they’ve been trying to sell.  His name is David Einhorn, and he was a Mets fan growing up in New Jersey.  His parents later moved to Wisconsin, where he knew the Selig family, but hopefully, this will work out.  It would be difficult for things to get worse.  *sigh*

Here are some local stories about the deal:




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