They’ve made it over the .500 mark for the first time since they took 2 of 3 against the Marlins to open the season.  Last night, they humiliated the Tigers at Comerica by the tune of 14-3.  They hadn’t had a Grand Slam since August of 2009, but last night they had 2, one each from Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran.  It was only the second time in their history that they’d hit 2 Slams in one game and, in the first one (against the Cubs back in [I think] 2006) also featured Carlos Beltran.  Jose Reyes went 4-for-4 with a walk…and he didn’t even play all 9 innings.  It was a big night for Reyes in another way too: it was his 1,000th game.  In those 1,000 games, he now has 97 triples and 359 stolen bases, and the only other player to have that many triples and stolen bases in his first 1,000 games was Ty Cobb (who was, coincidentally, a Tiger).  Pretty impressive!

Jon Niese is facing some medical issues.  It looks as if he may have tachycardia, which is a fancy way of saying “rapid heartbeat.”  I also happen to have this condition, and I take medication for it twice a day, every day.  It does not stop me from working out or anything like that.  Just the opposite — the medication makes it easier for me to work out and to get the benefits of doing so.

As for the St Lucie Mets, they lost to Bradenton by the score of 8-1. I was at McKechnie Field and saw it live.  I was NOT amused.  St Lucie made the playoffs by winning the first half of the season, but they are not starting off the second half very well.  Bradenton and Palm Beach are 5-1, but St Lucie is 3-2.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the currently rehabbing David Wright will be in town this weekend.  A girl can dream, right?