Tonight is the second and last installment of the 2011 Subway Series.  The Yankees took 2 of the 3 games up in the Bronx.  This weekend’s games are in Queens.  The last time they played in Queens over 4th of July weekend the Mets swept the series (it was in 2003 — and I was there for all 3 games).  Let us hope that history repeats itself.

The Mets are one game over .500 at the end of the real first half: 41-40.  The Yankees are 48-31, and have the 2nd best record in baseball. The Mets’ record is, however, a little bit misleading.  They got off to a 5-13 start, meaning that they are  36-18 since.  Since their first 18 games (11-7 record), the Yankees’ record is 37-24.  The Yankees have played 3 fewer games than the Mets have (79 vs. 83), and this series may not be as much of a slam dunk for the Yankees as their fans think.  The Mets played the A’s, the Rangers and the Tigers really well.  They did lose 2 of 3 to the Angels, but they should have won the first game and, if former Angel Frankie Rodriguez hadn’t imploded, they would have.

Anyway, for fans out of town, tonight’s game is on MLB Network, tomorrow’s is on Fox for most of the country and Sunday’s game is on TBS.