A jury declared that Casey Anthony was not guilty of killing her little girl.  All she’s supposedly guilty of is lying to the police and, given that those 4 counts are worth only a year in prison each, she will likely go free based on the time she’s already served.

Someone put duct tape on Caylee’s skull.  Someone put chloroform in that car. Someone put Caylee in those bags and put her in the car and then dumped her body in the swamp.

And someone was partying for 31 days after Caylee went missing and wearing a tattoo that translates into “Beautiful Life.”

In my not-so-humble opinion, those “someones” are the same person: Casey Anthony.

Why would Cindy perjure herself if she didn’t think that Casey was guilty?   Why would Casey lie repeatedly to the police if she didn’t have something to hide?  She is a raging narcissist and I cannot imagine she isn’t pleased as punch with herself for getting away with murder.  I hope and pray she never has another child.  God only knows what she’d try to do to that one.

May God bless Caylee Anthony’s soul.