I love blue mascara. I’ve worn it for years. Black is too stark, and brown is not stark enough. I have green/brown/hazel eyes, and I just like the way blue mascara looks. But it’s almost impossible to find, unless I want some funky bright blue stuff that’s really not quite suited to me and my lifestyle.

“Voluminous” by L’Oreal is nice, but it’s hard to find in blue (I buy it from ebay whenever I can find it).  When Max Factor was in business, they made a mascara that I really liked. When I learned that Max Factor was going out of business, I bought as many tubes of that mascara as I could get my hands on. My stash should last me a while, but I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement now so that I’m not desperate when I find myself down to my last tube of Max Factor. I’ve laid out $15 or $20 for some of the more expensive department store brands (YSL, Estée Lauder, etc.) but, oddly enough, I like the drugstore brands best when it comes to mascara.

Ideas, anyone?