It was hot.  It was humid.  But it was FUN!

N and I met at the hotel on Saturday morning and spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday at Disney.  We did everything we set out to do, except the Haunted Mansion.  That was closed on Sunday morning, so we never made it in.  But we made up for it at Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Test Track, Star Tours, Mission: Space, etc.  We only had to wait 40 minutes or so for Soarin’, which really impressed us.  Usually, the line is a lot worse.

Dinner on Saturday was at Chefs de France (I had fruits de mer, and N had the half chicken), followed by a crème brulee (N) and profiteroles (moi).  We felt like we’d never eat again.  We stayed at Epcot long enough to watch the fireworks, and then headed back to the hotel by bus.  It was packed, which wasn’t a surprise, but it was rather annoying.

We spent most of Sunday afternoon at Epcot and shopped.  We broke for lunch at the Moroccan pavilion, and then kept on shopping (most of it was window shopping, but even that was satisfying).  I bought several pairs of earrings (Murano glass at the Italian pavilion, Celtic designs at the British pavilion, silver danglies at the Moroccan pavilion, and a very simple design at the Chinese pavilion), along with some stainless steel chopsticks (I HATE the splintery cheapo ones you get when you order in) and a lovely cross stitch kit at the Chinese pavilion (which really does have the best gift shop in the entire park).  N bought a really nice tote bag and some jewelry, so we both did some damage.

This seems to be turning into a tradition — I went to Disney on my birthday in 2009, to Universal in 2010 and now Disney again in 2011 (although it’s not yet my birthday or even my birthweek) — and I think it’s a tradition I want to keep for the time being.  You can’t avoid growing old, but there are times you can most definitely avoid growing up.