This week’s episode takes place in early 1917, so a couple of months have passed since the last one.  Unfortunately, some conversations seem to be continuations from episode 1, which is a little odd.

Anyway, this week, Carson collapses while serving at table; he can’t accept the fact that all of the young men (except for Branson, of course) are in the Army and the maids have to serve dinner, just as they would at a chartered accountant’s house (great line!).

Mary is getting conflicting advice from her aunt, Lady Rosamund (marry Sir Richard for his money and power!), and from Carson (tell Matthew you love him!) and she’s really not sure what to do.  She confides in Anna, but Anna still loves Bates, and we can see Mary thinking about love and Matthew.

Anna seems to have caught the eye of Mr. Molesley. He asks if they can spend time together, and she lets him down very gently.  Hopefully, he’ll take no for an answer and not turn into a stalker.

Lady Rosamund overhears a rather heated discussion between Lavinia and Sir Richard — there is definitely some history there, and the trailer for next week leads me to believe that we just may learn something about it.

Thomas is still a despicable human being.  Yes, he shows compassion to Lt. Courtenay, and he seems to be thisclose to telling the Lieutenant that he’s “different,” but he just can’t do it.  Other than that brief moment of weakness, he’s still just awful.  He is almost pleased with himself when he shows O’Brien his hand.

And, speaking of O’Brien (who enlisted Cora in her campaign to get Thomas back at Downton), she seems to have a soft spot for Lang, Robert’s new valet, who was invalided out of the Army due to shell shock.  I can almost hear Thomas making fun of Lang and O’Brien.

Anyway, it’s still as soapy as it can be, and I am still looking forward to next week’s episode.