I read the book several years ago, and knew I had to see the movie when it came out.  I’ve only seen Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise and Ocean’s Eleven, so I know pretty much nothing at all about his acting ability.  I just know I liked the book and was curious about the movie.

The movie was excellent.  Just as we saw in The Blind Side, a book that’s very fact-oriented is turned into something that’s more people-oriented.  Pitt was terrific as Billy Beane, the former “5-tool,” “can’t-miss” prospect who does miss.  Josh Hill was very good as Peter Brand, a character who is based on current Mets Assistant GM Paul DePodesta.  I don’t have as much sympathy for Art Howe as he might like, but I do agree that the film was not kind to him.


I’ve been a fan of Spooks (known in the US as MI-5) since I first saw series 1 on DVD.  I was late to the party (no surprise!), but I quickly made up for lost time and became so addicted to it that I am having trouble accepting the fact that it will all be over on October 23rd.

Section heads come and go, but Harry Pearce has been a constant for 10 years now, and I will miss him dearly.  I hope that he and Ruth manage to find some happiness together because they deserve it.   But here is the trailer for the final season.  I’m not sure I’m going to like all of what happens.