Last night I watched episode 3 of Downton Abbey and things are getting very interesting. Thomas and O’Brien are as devious as ever.  O’Brien convinces Cora to arrange for Thomas to come back to the house and run the convalescent home.  He’s been promoted to Acting Sergeant, and he really enjoys the opportunity to tell Carson what to do. And, for someone who’s spent time at the front and was unhappy enough to wound himself intentionally, he is very, very unsympathetic to the problems of the men who are really injured.  I dislike him even more than I have before (hard to believe, but true).

Edith has been banished from her job at the Drakes’ farm and now feels helpless.  She’s been trying to help at the hospital, but nursing doesn’t seem to be her strong suit, but I liked how she is so pleased to help where she can. She’s been rather selfish in the past, and I like her much better than I used to. I was so glad to see that the General recognized her for her behind-the-scenes efforts to help the convalescing officers. Mary looked shocked and almost disappointed that Edith was getting public praise.

Branson’s Socialism is getting more and more obvious. He says that Lenin is doing the right thing and that he can’t imagine them killing a bunch of innocent girls (the Czar’s daughters). I understand why he doesn’t love the English, but his behavior is unacceptable.

Bates comes back to the village to be near Anna. He seems to think he’ll be able to get out of the marriage because of Vera’s infidelities. I hope he does.

Mrs. Patmore convinces Daisy to agree to marry William, and I don’t think it’s fair to that poor girl.  Robert arranges for Matthew to take William on as his servant, so hopefully William will be out of harm’s way.  But what will happen to Daisy?

Lavinia’s deep, dark secret is that she stole some damning information about her uncle and some other politicians and gave it to Sir Richard Carlisle. Mary will not tell Matthew about it, even though Violet and Rosamund desperately want her to.

Poor Mr. Lang is still suffering from shell shock and leaves Downton.

Isobel and Cora are at loggerheads over who’s in charge at the house. Isobel may have been a nurse, but it’s still Cora’s house.

The preview for next week is intriguing — Cora and Isobel have a showdown over who’s in charge, Matthew is reported missing, Mr. Bates comes back to work for Robert (and O’Brien warns him that Thomas has a major role in the running of the convalescent home) and Branson tells Sybil he wants her to run away with him.  It should be as entertaining as ever. And here is a video clip of the preview.