My hiatus made it impossible for me to watch episode 4 last week, so I gave myself a “double-feature” and watched both 4 and 5.

There are only 3 episodes left in Series 2; I can’t help thinking that very little will be resolved and that Julian Fellowes will keep us hanging until Series 3.

Branson tells Sybil that he wants her to run away with him, and she doesn’t appear to be happy about it.  Branson is self-righteous and annoying.  He tells Sybil that her work as a nurse isn’t very important, and doesn’t seem to care very much that the Czar and his family were murdered in cold blood.

O’Brien took it upon herself to write to Vera and tell her that Bates is back at Downton. But it doesn’t go as she’d planned — Vera shows up and tells Bates and Anna that she’s not done causing trouble for them.  But Mary gets involved and tells Sir Richard the whole story and gets him to agree to shut Vera up.   But she finds out that she’s been stabbed in the back and she is NOT amused.  Watch out Anna and Bates; Vera is once again on the warpath.

Ethel “gets into trouble” with the mustachioed major, and Mrs. Hughes fires her.

Matthew and William go missing for a little bit and, when they make it back to Downton to recover, Matthew is told he’ll never have children because he’s paralyzed, and William dies from his injuries.  Daisy marries him on his deathbed because he wants her to get the widow’s share of his military benefits.

And, in the preview for episode 6, we see a Canadian soldier who’s been brought to Downton who claims to be the long-lost heir to the Earldom.  Yes, Patrick, whom we were told was dead back in episode 1.1, is supposedly alive and back at Downton Abbey.

This program is getting soapier and soapier.  But I still love it.