This week’s episode didn’t tie up a whole lot of loose ends.  I think there will be several cliffhangers in next week’s series 2 finale.  Some may be wrapped up during the Christmas special, but others may have to wait for next year to see series 3.  Yes, it’s official.  Downton Abbey will be back next autumn.

So, Episode 7.  Well, Robert does kiss Jane the housemaid.  He does it quite passionately in fact, and I am most seriously displeased.  Cora has been difficult lately, but sometimes it does seem as if he’s picking fights with her.  My thinking is that he’s having a midlife crisis, but I cannot imagine that a gentleman would admit to that kind of thing back then.

Matthew does have feeling in his legs.  By the end of the episode, he was walking and announced his engagement to Lavinia.  Mary did not look as if she were really thrilled about this news.

It looks as if Bates is going to get in trouble for Vera’s death.  He thinks it’s suicide, but he bought the arsenic he thinks killed her, and is afraid somoene (read “the police”) will find out.  I still have a sneaking suspicion that Sir Richard is involved.

Last week, Sir Richard asked Carson to come with  him and Mary when they get married, and he agreed.  This week he changes his mind after learning from Anna that Sir Richard asked her to spy on Mary for him.

Thomas goes into business for himself, but still manages to sleep at Downton even though he’s no longer working there in any capacity.  He bought a lot of groceries at a deep discount, and intends to re-sell them at a profit.  His first victim, er, customer is Mrs. Patmore, and she agrees to pay him only if the wedding cake for Matthew and Lavinia turns out well.  Needless to say, it doesn’t.  He realizes he’s been had and he destroys his inventory during a highly entertaining temper tantrum.  It’s terribly uncharitable to say this, but Thomas is a creep and he deserves to suffer.  And speaking of being uncharitable, I want Sir Richard to die.  I am still not Mary’s biggest fan, but she does not deserve that.

Mrs. Hughes has convinced Cora to invite Ethel’s baby-daddy’s parents to visit.  Cora does not say that he left Ethel with a souvenir of his stay at Downton, and Ethel takes it upon herself to sneak upstairs and introduce herself and the baby.  The husband is a big bully and he storms out of the dining room, but the wife seems to be a decent sort.

And, before I forget, Sybil agrees to run off with Branson,  *yawn*  They are a spectacularly boring couple.  She’s a little too sweet and naive for my tastes, and he’s an arrogant little snot.  Mary, Edith and Anna find them and bring Sybil home with them.

Here is a trailer for next week’s series finale.  It looks pretty interesting.  Robert tells Sybil not to waste her life on Branson, Jane and Robert snog again, Cora has the flu (more characters will, too), Matthew and Mary kiss and someone (a female) dies.  We also see M&M in a cemetery, and he tells her that they are cursed.

That’s my take on episode 7.  The Guardian‘s take is pure snark.  I am in awe of this blogger’s abilities.