It’s been a while, but there have been a couple of health scares in the Day in the Life household, and family does take priority over blogging.

Anyway, I finished The Wilder Life and am now about half way through with Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  It’s just wonderful, and I am so grateful to the dear friends who recommended it to me.

I don’t have any library books with me right now, but I did borrow a couple of DVDs.  I rented New York: A Documentary Film from Netflix and it was outstanding.  I freely admit to being homesick, and I even learned things about my hometown that I hadn’t known before.  There were originally 7 episodes when the series first aired on PBS’s American Experience back in 1999, but after 9/11, they added an 8th episode that dealt with the Towers themselves, both their construction and their destruction.  Yes, I cried.

After that, I found out that one of the library branches had a documentary about the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Park, in Queens, New York.  The film was narrated by Judd Hirsch, and was less than an hour long.  But it covered a lot of ground.  I have vague memories of that World’s Fair, so this was a great trip back in time.

The other disc I borrowed is a Canadian film called La Grande Séduction. The English title is Seducing Dr. Lewis. Not being French-Canadian, I did not know any of the actors, but I have to say that I adored this little movie.   The basic premise is pretty simple — a tiny little fishing village in Québec with only 125 inhabitants is dying.  It used to be a vibrant fishing village, but now pretty much the whole town is out of work and living on the dole.  They learn of the possibility of getting a factory into the town, but the catch is that they need to have a full-time doctor.  The village’s mayor can’t cope anymore so he and his family leave in the middle of the night.  He gets a job in Montréal as a policeman and, the next time we see him, he’s stopping a car driven by a doctor who has cocaine in his possession.  Next thing we know, the town finds out that they are getting a doctor for one month.

Germain, the heart and soul of the village, convinces the rest of the villagers to do what they can to “seduce” Dr. Lewis and convince him to stay and help them get the factory.  They find out that he loves cricket, so they play cricket.  They take him fishing and make sure he catches fish. They tap his phone calls to find out more about him so they can use this information to help him decide to stay.

It’s a very funny, very sweet, very entertaining movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.  If you’re a member of Netflix, you can rent it, and I recommend that you do.  It’s a delight.