Last night was spent at KC’s annual Christmas party (church was this morning).  The spread was excellent and a fine time was had by all.  Afterwards, a handful of us sat around the pool and talked.  It was about 70 degrees and pretty much everyone was in shorts.  We called some friends who were visiting relatives in Maine, and it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit with snow on the ground. There are still times when I wish I were back up North for Christmas, but I really don’t want to ever see 9 degrees Fahrenheit ever again.  Today our family is heading over to D’s family’s house for dinner.  We should have at least 15 people, including 3 children under the age of 8.  We spend every Christmas at their house, and it’s become a cherished tradition.

Too many people of my acquaintance had a rough 2011 and I wish them and you a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.