I know I didn’t post about this when I got home from the game on Sunday, but Real Life  got in the way and I didn’t get a chance until just now.

The Pirates lost, 8-5, but it was a fun game. The Jays made several stellar plays in the field, but the Pirates’ defense was pretty awful. They had 3 errors, and just looked dreadful. The Marauders last year had one of the worst defenses in the league, so I hope they make defense a priority this year.

That said, I went into the game not caring who won. But I ended up pulling for the Pirates because a) they had 2 ex Mets (Nick Evans and Rod Barrajas) and b) 2 2011 Marauders played in the game (Robbie Grossman and Starling Marte). Evans hit a lead off HR in the 7th, but it wasn’t enough to help the Pirates win.

The mascots were in fine form, and the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Here are my pictures (as always, you can click on them to make them larger):

The Jays' token Canadian on 3rd.

It was really windy -- the flags were wrapping themselves around the flagpoles.

Evans plays 3rd.

Robbie Grossman's first AB.

Marty mingles with the crowd.

Starling Marte gets a turn at bat.