I found this at Netflix, and am glad I did.

Wish Me Luck was produced by London Weekend Television and aired on ITV from 1988 through 1990.  Jane Asher, Julian Glover, Kate Buffery and Michael J. Jackson are the only actors who appear in all 3 series.  The series also features two very young, at the time unknown, actors: Jeremy Northam and Shirley Henderson.  Northam is particularly adorable, but I have not yet seen the episodes in which Henderson appears.  Yes, I’m reviewing a program after only having seen the first 8 episodes.  But these first 8 episodes are terrific.  Of course, the series does suffer from the typical 1980s production values, but there is so much to like about it.

Wish Me Luck is about British subjects who are sent to France to help the Resistance defeat the Nazis.  Faith (Jane Asher) and Cad (Julian Glover) are the heads of the program.  They recruit and train British subjects and send them to France.  Series 1 focuses on Liz (code name Céleste), a wife/mother from Devon; Mathilde (a.k.a. “Matty”, code name Aimée), a half-French, half-Jewish factory worker from Stepney; and Colin (code name Cyrano), an actor.   The three of them train together and are assigned to the same area of France.  The 8 episodes show what happens to them in France — where they deal with friendship, betrayal and danger.  I don’t want to spoil this for anyone and, if I tell you who lives and who dies, I’ll do just that.

If the remaining 2 series are as good as the first one, then I can hardly wait to see the rest.