That’s a direct quote from Gary Cohen, the TV voice of my beloved New York Mets.

The reason? After 8,019 games, a New York Met has pitched a no-hitter.  OK, it wasn’t a perfect game (5 Cardinals reached base via walks and there was a very, very bad call during a Carlos Beltran at bat), but it was still a no-hitter and Mets fans all over the world will still take it.  Johan Santana, who is already one of the great pitchers of his era, is now part of Mets history.  I am still in shock.

The Mets have had some incredible pitchers on their pitching staff: Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Nolan Ryan, etc., etc., etc., and none of them pitched a no-hitter as a Met.  But Johan Santana, who Terry Collins wanted to keep on a pitch count, threw more pitches than he ever had and ended the game on a strikeout.

It was beautiful.  I have been at hundreds of Mets games over the past 50 years, and have watched and/or listened to thousands more, and this ranks up towards the top. Gary Cohen is on the radio post-game with Howie Rose, and they both sound all choked up.  We all know they are life long Mets fans, and they are just as happy as we are.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday, so I can stay up late and watch/listen to the coverage.

The Mets have posted highlights at their website.  At some point, I’m thinking the game itself will be available for sale at iTunes.  I will most assuredly be buying it.

Thank you, Johan.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.