Today is Her Majesty’s 95th birthday. It’s also 4 days since she buried her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip. Yes, she was born into a famous, entitled family, but wealth and fame don’t mean you can escape heartbreak. I did watch the funeral, and it was a very beautiful, very moving service. My heart went out to the Queen sitting by herself in the choir. I have never seen her looking so frail and alone. Yes, I am a proud citizen of the United States who has ancestors who fought with the Patriots, but I truly admire Queen Elizabeth II. She and her parents showed us grace under fire in WWII and the importance of standing for something bigger than themselves. On her 21st birthday, she promised the Commonwealth that she would devote her life to them, and she has done just that.

Her good-for-nothing grandson, Harry, and his social-climbing wife are proving themselves to be dishonest, petty, narcissistic and selfish. They lied repeatedly in the Oprah interview, and their fans ate it up. They have no concept of the word sacrifice. Harry’s comments that his father and brother are “trapped” were an insult to his great-grandparents, his grandparents, his father, his Uncle/Aunt Wessex and the Princess Royal. All of them have worked tirelessly on behalf of Queen and Country.

The Queen impresses me. Harry and Meghan disgust me.