Yes, I am an anti-masker. For myself, at least. If you want to wear one, go ahead. Be my guest. But don’t get pissy with me if I don’t want to wear one.

I had the bug last year. And no, I didn’t die. I am perfectly fine. OK, so maybe my sense of smell is occasionally a bit “off,” but other than that I really am fine. I do know 3 people who died from it, but all 3 had multiple co-morbidities (these included, but were not limited to, advanced age, alcohol issues, immune issues, etc.). I am definitely not someone who thinks the bug is a hoax. I was feverish, achy and tired for 5-6 days, and coughed up a lung for weeks afterwards. So, no, the bug isn’t a hoax. But the fear-mongering is.

The media and the Feds have a vested interest in making people think that Covid is an automatic death sentence. It’s not. My office has finally stopped making us wear them (after a full year!), and it’s as if the entire state of Florida is on the same schedule. The only places that seem to require masks now are my bank and my nail salon. I can avoid the bank (for the most part, I can do things through the ATM or online), but I can’t avoid the nail salon. So, for the time being, I’ll carry a mask just so they’ll let me in. Luckily, I only go once a month.