I escaped the People’s Republic of New York City for the outskirts of Sarasota, FL almost 14 years ago and don’t regret it for a minute.  I love books, movies, needlework, sports and politics.  The order depends on my mood.  As for my moods, well, you’ll get used to them…maybe.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. RFW Says:

    I can relate -being a displaced East Coaster in the paradise of the Pacific myself.

  2. barbara Says:

    I enjoy your comments and your reviews. I joined because I wanted to read your comments on your Jane Eyre marathon. I did my own marathon and my friends are not as giddy as I am to talk about the movies all during lunch as I am. LOL.

    I wanted to suggest that you should do a Rebecca marathon. There are multiple versions that I found on youtube.com. It was also a delight to find the italian version( with english subtitles) There is a delicious Maxim! And then the extra bonus of watching the german musical Rebecca. It also contains subtitles.(some you have to activate by clickin on the cc button). Please try to get past the horrible filming with someones head in the shots constantly, but the music is wonderful.

    I also found out that the music is coming to Broadway April.

    Group trip?


    1. Julie Says:

      Thank you for the suggestion and for coming by. I’ve never read Rebecca, but I have seen a couple of the movies. I have been thinking of doing a Wuthering Heights project. I tried to read it around 40 years ago and couldn’t get through it. Maybe I can now, as an adult.

      And I know how you feel about not having people around you who like period movies. My colleagues at work (for the most part) don’t like the same kinds of books and movies I do. Nor do most of my friends here. I guess that’s why I started the blog — to have someone to “talk to” about the things I like to do.

      Please come back soon and let me know how your marathon went.

  3. Jordan Hiller Says:

    Julie, are u still there? I have a question about mets fantasy camp and I read that you went last year? I will be in psl with 2 kids in mid january. Thanks,


  4. Jordan Hiller Says:

    Sorry, I see u responded. Thanks. Can erase these comments. Thank you.


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